I’m the typical chameleon person, but not because I can change my colors, nooo, those are true and will stay like that, but because I love to take up on any challenge life throws at me and make it lemonade, like with the lemons we sometimes get.

I love taking pictures, I love transforming them and I like to show the others the beauty I see in each and every little thing. Nothing is unimportant for me.

I like a lot of other stuff. I draw as hobby in RL, I love diy projects, arts and crafts and organizing events.

Professionally, SL professionally I amblogger, photographer, designer, builder, content creator, mesher, business owner, model, teacher, event organizer. And that is why I call myself a chameleon. Probably I will also change my display name to that, winks.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deloreen.morgental

Website: http://deloreen42.wixsite.com/rebellah-darcy

Marquesse WebSite: http://marquessepretaport.wixsite.com/home

Blog: https://charmedstyled.wordpress.com/


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