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Growing Wings

Sometimes when inspiration hits you, you got to go with the flow and let the creative whim guide you.
Sometimes, it might not feel like we are supposed to do something, but then something or someone “falls” onto our path and changes everything we ever knew.
Then we feel like in a thunderstorm, we creep with fear, we shake, we crawl into a corner and hope it will pass…and then all of the sudden, when we close our eyes hoping it will all go away, we realize it’s what we wanted all along, hoped for…and then we stand up, clean up and… and all of the sudden there’s light…warmth…and a feeling of wholeness.


[Circa] Living – Lavelle Set @ The Black Fair Event
Love Homes and Gardens – Candle Cage
Envisage: Limitless – Bottle Candles
Warm Animations – Futton Bed
Inverse – Candle Vase, Candle Plate
Fancy Decor – Geospheres
Hard Steel – Wood couple in love
~ Bazar ~ – Books

























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