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Hushhhhh, Hushhhhhh

My Hiatus days are gone so I am back to regular blogging. I will not tell you everything I did in these last weeks but I will tell you how I felt. It scared the hell out of me the multitude of feelings all down on me at the same time. It was interesting to experience thrills and chills of fear and joy at the same time. Despair and awesomeness, helplessness and complete control, beauty and yet deep ugliness, all in double, never a one or another, like a mirror reflection effect, yet totally opposite.

But, that being said I am back, happy and filled with joy, looking forward to Christmas, snow, gifts, friends, family and spicy biscuits.

This is my first post for Peace on Earth Hunt, going on from the 1st of December till the 31st. It gathered over 100 participant stores, and I can already tell you the gifts are amazing!




Belleza Isis Body

Catwa Head


Lower:  ::ALTER:: Sia Pants & Laced High Boots – Gold

Upper:  GLITTER – VIVIENNE mesh jacket (Body mesh) Red


Hair .shi. valiant unisex

Makeup !IT! Seduction Eyeshadow Gold Shade

Earrings !IT! – Hyper Hoops 9

Tattoo Trina Black Tattoo [CAROL G]

Nails TASHI Shades Of Winter (unpacked)

Enjoy the hunt!




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