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Red High Heels



“Friday, July 12.
Too excited.|Too much energy,
took off from work early,
and danced, and danced.
And danced.
Six months and he’s already a part|of my every breath,
my every thought. He’s everything|i ever dreamed of.
A fairy tale Prince. If an hour|goes by without hearing his voice,
i’m lost. Adrift.|I’ve surrendered to his taste,
to his place, to his every wish.
He knows me inside out,|everything about me.
My troubles with my mother, the|abortion i had when i was eighteen,
my fear of the dark,|my fascination with fire.” Red Shoe Diaries, 1992


Catwa Head Jessica

Hair {Letituier} Angelica Hair available at SWANK



BBarbie Style (BBS) Natasha Burnt Orange  – standard mesh sizes (shoes and scarf included)


!IT! – Sensuality Eyeshadows 1-8 InspirationSL excl

Glamistry Sun Glasses [PU2011]

Earrings Maxi Gosshamer MG – Earrings – Tokoyo Tears – FATPACK




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