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SOS & The Book of Daniel – Petit Chat


Today’s post is a sad one. I do hope that we can gather together and help one colleague, member of the SL community fighting cancer. The Book of Daniel Event is taking place between 10-20 September 2016. More information to be found here. I am presenting you here today the exclusive item from Petit Chat. They come in rigged versions for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza and also unrigged version for other mesh feet.

For SOS I am showing the creation of Scandal Fashion, Sail Away With Me dress.



Belleza Isis Mesh Body

Catwa Head Jessica

Barberyumyum 710 Beige pack

Nailpolish LIVIA Sail Blue Nail Appliers


Scandal Fashion *SF* Sail Away With Me Mini Dress 8 Colors Mesh – Fitmesh + Belleza, Maitreya and Slink rigged – SOS fashion Sims 2

Sandals Petit Chat Beaded sandals original item for The Book of Daniel Fund Raising Event

P.S. Since I’ve been asked what my favorite combinations were here they are:


Do not refrain to these choices of mine because they are infinite combination in the FatPack.


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