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It’s about love, again



“But what does he do to qualify as a sonovabitch?” Jenny asked.
“Make me”, I replied.
“Beg pardon?”
“Make me”, I repeated.
Her eyes widened like saucers. “You mean like incest?” she asked.
“Don’t give me your family problems, Jen. I have enough of my own.”
“Like what, Oliver?” she asked, “like just what is it he makes you do?”
“The ‘right things’”, I said.
“What’s wrong with the ‘right things’?” she asked, delighting in the apparent paradox.”
― Erich Segal, Love Story



Belleza Mesh Body Iris

Murray Mesh Head Magdalena

Hair tram F603 hair / creamyellow&shell

Bitch Barbie Style Ahulani Swimsuit Purple – Slink and Omega appliers – shades included



Slink Male Mesh Body – hands and feet

*ARGRACE* KAIRI – Dark Browns

Bitch Barbie Style for men – Akoni Swim Trunks Purple ( Signature, Aestetics, Slink, Adam, TMP, regular mesh) – shades and slink sandals included

[Avenge] Hardcore beard







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