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Tea Party Fair – Bloody Factory Designs

Bloody Factory Queen Dress

Leather combined with gold and silver belts and the card symbols the Queen Dress from Bloody Factory Designs.

The straight cut which wraps around your body like a glove. It is a thigh length so you can add thigh high boots like the ones from Bax, or others that you like and feel comfortable in.

Bloody Factory Queen Dress 2

Here some of the options you can chose from. The dress comes in red as well with golden belt adorned with the card symbols or without.

The second dress from BF is called the Wild Card.

Comes also in a large number of options and it is completed by the sided wings of silk cloth.

Bloody Factory Wild Card

You can find both these dresses at the Bloody Factory Designs store.



Mesh Body Maitreya Lara
Slink hands Elegant
Slink High feet


Bloody Factory Designs Wild Card Dress and Queen Leather Dress



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