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A little walk in the park MLFA 1st Post

Today I felt like the walls of my office were coming down on me, and since I had this party to go to I just talked my friend out to go a little earlier and enjoy the nice gardens of our Gala host property.

As we arrived at the manor, the sun was just right for the pictures, so we went in to meet and greet the others that opted out for a nice afternoon in the garden as well. And since we had so much to catch up we stopped for a good while on the stairs. I haven’t even noticed as friends of ours took a picture of us….look for yourself how concentrated we were

Entrance Talk

After meeting and greeting we took a walk through this amazing place. The gardens are a enchanting to the eyes and the flowers are so magically colored. I took a picture of Ruby while she was explaining something using her hands, catching the sun rays getting mirrored in her jewelry.

Ruby Detail

As we walked and walked I found a flowers island right next to the pool garden and it was just natural I will share the amazing picture captured.

Reb Detail

Both our outfits are curtsy to the My Light Fashion Agency Event.

Ruby’s outfit is an exclusive item from Marquesse Pret a Porter, by Deloreen Resident, it is to be found at the event premises, location to be communicated at a later time. The Dress is called Mandala Energy and it comes in 5 color options.

I am wearing an amazing gown from Mirror Mirror gown, Cordelia, which is to be found at the same event. The cut of the dress is simple but the texture makes it looks great and also feel great . It barely touches your skin and is letting your curves show through embracing them like a second skin.

I hope you all enjoyed our little nature escape and if you wonder where you can find this amazing piece of nature then you need not look any further but the well-known Angel Manor

Here is the link to Ruby’s post as well:

Till we meet again,

Rebellah Antoinette D’Arcy



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