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New day at the office

Leaving the office

I was due this post, somehow I kept procrastinating doing it since when I get home in the evenings I do not really feel like thinking about work and office. So, since I cannot stand still and just do this post I started looking for amazing places where I could take the shots and also enjoy a bit the nature. You gotta see it coming from me since I LOVE Spring!!!

Yes, I’m a spring born, but that has very little to almost nothing to do with this!

So I got myself a coffee to go and started walking aimlessly around SL, jumping from place to place, and to be honest I almost gave up, but then I found this amazing place!


Body: Maitreya Lara Body


Ricielli Leather Dress/naked
Ricielli Blazer/ laced black
Divino Naomi Heels


Chop Zuey Soul Horizon


Argrace Chikai



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